Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pirate Art

Now this was an activity my son really loved! We originally set out to make just a pirate hat and eye patch using the instructions of Naturally Educational, but once we got started Tommy really took off with this project. He didn't just want the hat and eye patch. He wanted a sword and and pirate boat, too. So, we made them and it was awesome.

The hat was so simple even I could do it. We just grabbed some newspaper, folded the top into a point and then folded the bottom up and stapled it like that. (More detailed instructions are here if you need them.)Then Tommy added stickers and pictures to his liking. He was actually very methodical and thoughtful in this. He wanted people to know what pirates do, not just add a bunch of random stickers. He added a sword sticker so they know that pirates fight and he added a treasure sticker so they know that pirates look for treasure. He also added one fish sticker to represent pirates living on the sea.

The eye patch was my favorite part. Tommy chose to make a bright green eye patch and then he drew a skeleton on it, put a fish sticker on, and...this is my favorite part...glued an arrow to it pointing down. He told me, "The arrow is so that people know where the water is." Pretty smart, right? You can feel safe in Tommy's company. If you get confused as to where the water is, just look at his eye patch.

We made a pirate boat using instructions from Curious George Rides a Bike. Then Tommy put his favorite pirates on the boat.

We also made a sword. We totally made this without instructions. I just used the rest of the green paper and cut out a sword. Tommy came up with the genius plan to wear it around his neck.
Arrrh! Walk the plank, ye landlubber!

What fun activities are doing for Talk Like a Pirate Day?

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  1. I had no idea you had this blog... I LOVE it! I've been perusing it for awhile now. I want to hear more about this Fall Session of the program!


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