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Write and Wipe Math Cards | Bobbing for Apples

Make your own bobbing for apples math game using these free write and wipe math cards. Great for use practicing math facts, sight words, spelling, and more! *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. With summer coming to an end and back-to-school season upon us we are setting our sights to autumn, pumpkins, apples, and cooler weather. Today we spiced up our homeschool with this fun bobbing for apples activity [...]

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What Your Kids Really Think of Family Traditions

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. It was Christmas Eve 2011. As I crouched down on all fours, holding my pregnant belly, barely able to breathe because of the pain, I had one request for my husband: "Take our son and go get the Christmas Pizza!! And quick!" Reluctantly, he loaded the boy and himself into the car and drove off. He had to, after all. It was family tradition. [...]

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First Day of Homeschool 2015

This year we began our six-year-old's first grade year in the shadows of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. Obama even made a cameo in a noisy helicopter in the sky. Our kids are curious, inquisitive, self-motivated, and ahead of their grade levels in nearly every subject. We attribute this success to the way we homeschool them, which is what I want to share with you. We are by no means perfect (I am [...]

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Finding/Building a Homeschool Network: Where to Start

You are an overwhelmed homeschooling parent. Maybe you have just moved to a new place. Your kids are lonely for friends. You are lonely for friends, people who won't look at you funny when you tell them you homeschool your kids. Where do you turn? One of the most important steps I have taken as a homeschooling parent is joining a homeschool network. It took a couple of years and a few disappointments, but the [...]

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4 Must-Have Science Materials for Kids

People who know that we homeschool and that I have an advanced degree in chemistry often ask me what science materials we use for our children. As you know, my kids are still very young (5 and 2, respectively), and I don't like to spend money when I don't have to. The books and resources I have chosen all fit the following criteria: These are materials that will last our kids for several years, at [...]

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The Day I Gave Up on Homeschool

Have you ever had one of those days? Ya know, the kind of day where you wonder why in the world you ever thought it was a good idea to homeschool? Or why you thought it was a good idea to have kids in the first place? The kind of day where your kid(s) just will not do their school work and it turns into a major power struggle and before you know it you [...]

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