Hi Guys! Thanks for checking out The Science Kiddo!

My name is Crystal and I started this website when my oldest son was three years old. I missed my career as an organic chemist and thought that I could make my new life as a stay-at-home mom more interesting by doing science experiments with him. Guess what? It worked. And now that little boy wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

The Science Kiddo is a website about science activities for kids, homeschooling, and urban living. Find out how it started and how it can help you!

At first The Science Kiddo was a place to document our science adventures, but as time has passed and The Science Kiddo has progressed, it has evolved into much more than just science experiments for kids. While that is a still huge focus and one of my favorite features of the blog, I have branched out into other subjects that I couldn’t even imagine in the beginning. In addition to writing about science for kids I also write about our adventures living in a tiny apartment in the city, how we got here and why, and cargo biking. I write about our adventures (and misadventures) breaking into the world of homeschooling, our ups and downs, how we do it, and why we love it. Sometimes I even post recipes because some people like what I cook and it’s easier to refer them to one website than to write it down every time. Who knows what will be included on this blog in the future?!

My son started out as The Science Kiddo. My mission was, and still is, to help kids fall in love with science. However, as the blog evolved I realized that the true Science Kiddo is ME! I write about the subjects I believe in, always through the lens of the analytical way I see the world.