Gather your junior scientists together and get ready for some bubbly, foggy, and magical fun with dry ice! If you are looking for an unforgettable way to introduce your students to scientific concepts such as changing states of matter, how pressure is related to temperature, acids/bases, and MUCH more, you need to add my new science packet, 8 Super Cool Dry Ice Experiments to your library!

8 Must-try experiments with dry ice the kids will love! These cool dry ice experiments teach kids about pressure, temperature, cloud formation, changing states of matter, and more!

Experiments with Dry Ice

*Safety Alert* Dry ice is relatively safe, but it can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Please see our dry ice safety FAQs for more information about safety, storage, and handling.

Dry ice experiments are guaranteed to spark your students’ excitement for science! This new packet contains 8 experiments with dry ice that are perfect for students ages 5-10. All of the experiments are safe for home or the classroom.

Use these dry ice science experiments for a special Halloween party, a memorable science day, a cool winter science center, a science birthday party, or just for fun anytime!

Dry Ice Experiments for Kids Science Experiments

With a single block of dry ice you can complete all 8 super cool dry ice experiments for kids. They will be so amazed to watch the bubbling fog spilling onto the countertop they won’t even realize how much they are learning!

What’s Inside

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Each activity contains a list of supplies, thorough directions, a simple explanation of the science behind what you see, and several suggestions for how to make the experiment broader and deeper.

Learn about changing states of matter with these experiments with dry ice. Your students will love these safe and exciting dry ice science experiments!

At the end of each science activity you will find three “Variations to Try.” These are intended to build on the scientific concepts taught in each activity and to get the kids thinking more deeply about what they see. It’s like getting 24 bonus dry ice science experiments!

Each cool dry ice experiment also comes with a no-prep worksheet to increase attention and understanding. All eight worksheets can be bundled together to create a science journal kids can keep!

The 8 experiments with dry ice included in this packet are:

  • Dry Ice versus Wet Ice
  • Dry Ice in Oil Exploration
  • Cloud in a Bag
  • Bubble Volcano

Experiment with dry ice to discover the similarities and differences between dry ice and wet ice! A printable graph and table turns this dry ice science experiment into a math activity the kids will love!

Learn about what makes the infamous dry ice fog by placing dry ice in water and dry ice in oil. The results may surprise you! Check out our collection of more jaw-dropping dry ice experiments the kids will love!

Capture a cloud in a bag in this cool dry ice science experiment for kids. Perfect for a lesson about changing states of matter or cloud formation!

Use dry ice and water to make a bubble volcano erupt on the counter! One of our favorite dry ice experiments! Experiments with dry ice are safe, educational, fun, and downright magical!

  • Lava Lamp
  • Red Cabbage Acid/Base Experiment
  • Balloon in a Bottle
  • Collapsing Plastic Bottle

A super cool dry ice experiment with oil and water! Create a bubbling and smoking lava lamp the kids will love! Learn about density, solubility, and changing states of matter in one dry ice science experiment!

This is one of the most astounding experiments with dry ice out there! Learn about acid/base chemistry with common household supplies and watch as they change color based on their pH! A cool dry ice experiment that kids will love!

This cool science trick will teach kids about the relationship between temperature and pressure. Dry ice experiments are fun, safe, and downright magical!

Have some fun with dry ice by doing a cool science trick using dry ice and water! An unforgettable lesson about the relationship between temperature and pressure that the kids will love!

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Dry Ice Experiments for Kids Science Experiments

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