Learn how to easily make glow in the dark LEGO pieces that are perfect to hand out as LEGO birthday party favors. Customize their faces and make up stories about each one. Play with them and then turn off the lights to admire the glowing LEGO bricks. These are a must-have for kids (and adults) who love LEGO!

Make glow in the dark LEGO bricks and minifigures and learn the science behind the glowing LEGO pieces! Awesome LEGO birthday party favors or just for fun!

We used silicone LEGO molds to make our minifigures. You will love these molds because they can be used to make everything from ice, chocolates, candy, and gummies, to soap, crayons, and glow in the dark LEGO minifigures and bricks. Whatever their form, LEGO minifigures make everything AWESOME! (Cue