Sometimes I feel like Halloween gets a little bit dark and scary for my young kiddos. Even an innocent trip to the grocery store puts them face-to-face with creepy statues, scary sound recordings, and decorations dripping with fake blood. Do you ever have the experience of shielding your kids’ eyes as you sprint between the bread and the milk aisle?

Well, you don’t need to worry about anything too scary here 🙂 We enjoy the lighter side this time of year of droll decorations and silly celebrations. We especially love doing spooky Halloween science experiments like making slime, playing “Mad Scientist” with dry ice, and testing various “witches” to see which, if any, are true witches. We even fashioned a miniature haunted house and made spooky levitating puppets to add to our repertoire of Halloween science activities for kids.

Entertain the kids with spooky Halloween science! Make puppets magically levitate and dance using simple Halloween science and our favorite learning toys.

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The secret to making the puppets float on their own is