Ready. Aim. Fire! It’s time for blow dart painting. Hilariously fun, creative, and active, this art activity for kids is all about the process.

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We love creating art in all types of ways using all kinds of materials. In the past we have created art using milk, painted on ice, and used our salad spinner to make spin art decorations. Today we invented a new way to make art: blow dart painting.

Ready. Aim. Fire! It

Don’t worry, there are no actual darts being used here! You will see below that all the supplies are safe, most likely items you already have at home. However, I did make a rule that the kids weren’t allowed to shoot each other in the face, just to be on the safe side. 🙂

Blow Dart Painting


Cotton swabs

Drinking straws

Paint (We used glittery tempera, but any kind of paint will work.)

Poster board


  • Dip one end of a cotton swab in paint.
  • Place the cotton swab inside a drinking straw with the painted tip facing outward.
Ready. Aim. Fire! It
  • Aim at your poster board canvas and blow into the drinking straw to fire the painted cotton swab!
  • Repeat.
Ready. Aim. Fire! It

My kids had so much fun with this creative activity. They LOVED the physical effort it took to fire the painted blow darts at their canvas. Every time they took aim, fired, and hit their target they jumped up and down, threw their hands in the air, and cheered!

Once in awhile the cotton swab stuck to the canvas for a minute and hung there, glued to the poster board with paint. My kids were so excited!

When they were tired of blow dart painting they painted a little bit using the cotton swabs as paint brushes. That was pretty fun, too.

Ready. Aim. Fire! It

You can do blow dart painting inside or out, depending on the weather and your needs. We have been spending a lot of time indoors lately on account of the newborn in the family. Blow dart painting is a fantastic rainy day activity to do when you need something a little bit unique to keep the kids entertained. We used washable paint for quick and easy cleanup of any misfired darts!

Stuck inside? Check out our other creative rainy day activities including blowing inside bubbles and making paper fliers.

Ready. Aim. Fire! It

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