We have discovered a new favorite game that I want to share with you today. It’s called “Spot the QR Code,” and you’ll be amazed at what you can find. It’s one of those sneaky games that makes kids learn stuff while they are having fun.

QR Codes for Kids | An Introduction to Technology | The Science Kiddo

My kids were initially introduced to QR Codes through Usborne’s Children’s Encyclopedia.

QR Codes for Kids | An Introduction to Technology | The Science Kiddo

Each page touches on a different topic and has an associated QR Code that, when scanned, sends the reader somewhere (safe) on the internet. Often it’s an educational video or picture or quiz that expands the child’s knowledge about the subject they are reading about in the book. My kids loving scanning the codes so much that sometimes they just flip through the book, scanning each code and looking at whatever educational material pops up. IT’S AWESOME!

Now my kids notice QR Codes everywhere. A bus stop, a store front, a box of cereal, the wall of a public restroom. They are all over my house, too. In the refrigerator, on the side of the washing machine, inside the toilet tank. (Don’t ask, just please, don’t ask.) And ya know, I happily stop and let the kids scan those funny little square boxes because they get a thrill out of seeing where the scan takes us. It’s fun for me, too! Plus I feel like my kids are learning, not just about technology, but about business, marketing, and web campaigns.

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