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Salad spinners aren’t just for leafy greens anymore.

This week we plastered our salad spinner with a rainbow of colored paint. We made inexpensive Halloween decorations with it. We learned science with it. We spent over an hour spinning and spinning and spinning until our arms and our imaginations were exhausted.

We made spin art spiderwebs.

Spin Art

When I read Babble Dabble Do’s article about Rainbow Spin Mixing I was honestly inspired. I immediately bought myself a salad spinner and anxiously anticipated creating colorful spin art of our own.

Do you know how many one-of-a-kind projects you can create using a salad spinner? Meri Cherry made spin art rocks and the Artful Parent made a variety of colorful spin art crafts using paper plates. The possibilities are endless!

Since we are so close to Halloween we felt inspired to make spin art spiderwebs to hang in the windows. They complement our squishy window gels and our glow in the dark window gels so well I’d say we are all ready for Halloween!